Dr. Hauschka natural skin care is formulated to work with your skin, signaling and guiding it to a state of balance and radiance. Dr. Hauschka products support your skin's natural processes of cleansing, oil production and renewal to achieve lasting skin health and beauty. The cleansing products and methods remove dirt and impurities, gently exfoliating and strengthening skin without stripping it of moisture The toners, moisturizers and masks signal the skin to balance oil and moisture content The regenerating products and specialty treatments support the skin's 28-day process of cell renewal, helping to keep skin vital, fresh and glowing The result is skin that is balanced and glows with lasting health and radiance.

This item is out of stock Dr Hauschka, Cleansing Sponge

Dr Hauschka, Cleansing Sponge

This item is out of stock Dr Hauschka, Muslin

Dr Hauschka, Muslin