Natural Spirit

Natural Spirit

New limited edition make from Dr.Hauschka. Shimmering dark green, deep brown and delicate pink radiate power and tranquillity. For an individual look full of joyful grace, confident serenity and natural elegance.

Reduced from 20.50 to 17.50 Dr.Hauschka, lipstick no.20

Dr.Hauschka, lipstick no.20

Reduced from 14.75 to 12.75 Dr.Hauschka, Eye Definer no.08

Dr.Hauschka, Eye Definer no.08

Reduced from 24.00 to 18.75 Dr.Hauschka, Eyeshadow Palette Duo no.01

Dr.Hauschka, Eyeshadow Palette Duo no.01

Reduced from 21.00 to 17.75 Dr.Hauschka, Blush duo no.04

Dr.Hauschka, Blush duo no.04