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Medik8, gentleCleanse

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SKU Name: Medik8, gentleCleanse, 150ml
Medik8, gentleCleanse, 150ml
Code : POW-M/CL01
Brand: Medik8
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Delicate yet deeply purifying foam wash suitable for all skin types and ages.
Presented in a handy foaming pump bottle for one handed operation. Infused with
Rosemary Oil, a powerful botanical antioxidant and natural Glycerin, a proven
humectant drawing water into the skin from the air leaving a refreshed, smooth
and clean feel.
Benefits: Organic rosemary oil is a powerful botanical antioxidant helping to
protect skin from free-radical damage. It also has soothing and antimicrobial
properties; reducing the chance of blemishes. Natural glycerine draws water from
the air and keeps skin supple and hydrated, reducing surface skin roughness.
Handy foaming pump makes cleansing simple and convenient and means no artifical
thickeners required. gentleCleanse contains no Parabens or SLES which can
irritate skin and prevent overdrying. It is 100% soap free ensuring no drying or
skin flaking.
How to use: Cleanse skin twice daily. Pump a small amount of cleanser into the
palm of the hand and massage into moistened face and neck area. Gently remove
product by splashing with tepid water and pat face dry. Avoid contact with eyes.
If contact occurs runse immediately with water. If skin irritation occurs, cease
use immediately and if it persists contact a skincare professional or your GP.


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